Quiet Dreams in Provence

Lavender Thyme Verbena Flavor

This local herbal tea will help you have sweet dreams. Chamomile infusion is calming, sedative and analgesic. Its taste is sweet and light, it goes very well with honey.

Herbal medicine

  • Chamomile helps with digestive disorders, gastric acidity.
  • Verbena has interesting actions on digestion and nervous disorders.
  • The benefits of eucalyptus leaves are: Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Eucalyptus has the ability to stimulate the immune system.


  • Lance plantain*, fennel*, elderflower*, lemon balm*, chamomile*, lime blossom*, ginger*, eucalyptus*, nettle*, thyme*, peppermint*, lavender*, verbena*.

* from Organic Farming.


  12-15 g / l   I      100 ° C   I     5-10 mins